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On this page you will find general information about the GPWC.

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  • If you would like more information on the services we offer, as well as an updated calendar of upcoming events, links to online writing help, and PDF copies of helpful GPWC handouts, please visit

Our Staff:

Face-to-Face Tutorial:

  • Shampa Biswas - PhD Candidate - Education
  • Alyssa Hensley - PhD Candidate - Chemical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Bernhardt - PhD Candidate - Physics

Open Lab:

  • Bill Engels - Instructor - Intensive American Language Center, WSU
  • Owen Williams - Instructor - Department of English, WSU

Tutoring Services:

There are two tutoring options:

1. Schedule an appointment (first time users must register for an account)

Schedule an appointment for an in-depth one-to-one consultation focusing on broader writing issues. For a schedule appointment, you must submit your project at least 24 hours before the appointment. Writing projects should be limited to 12-15 double-spaced pages and submitted via

Once at, to submit a document you:

  1. You will first be prompted to enter a password. The password is: gpwc
  2. Once the password is entered, click the button “choose file”
  3. Select the file you would like to have read by a tutor and click “choose”
  4. Click the “upload” button.

The file is then successfully submitted to the GPWC and can be accessed by your tutor.

Please make sure to have YOUR NAME on any documents submitted to the GPWC so that the tutors can read the correct document.

AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION POLICY: All documents must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of your one-to-one appointment. If no document has been submitted, and no contact has been made between the tutor and the student, then the appointment will be automatically cancelled.

2. Open Editing Hours

The GPWC Open Editing Hours are listed on the right side of the page. If you are mainly interested in proofreading/copy edit help (grammar, punctuation, word use, etc.) then you are welcome to drop in.

  • Because the GPWC is designed as an instructional service, all proofreading will be done face-to-face with a GPWC tutor.
  • Students who come to the open lab time are limited to a review of 5 pages of work for the session and all sessions are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The goal of these open hours is for students/professionals to work with a tutor, not just to fix convention errors; these sessions are also to help the writer identify their errors more effectively in the future.

Tutorial Policies:

  • Because proofreading/copy edit services are now available during open lab hours, these services will NO LONGER be supplied during scheduled tutor appointments. Tutor appointments are now exclusively designed to deal with larger compositional and rhetorical issues
  • When you schedule an appointment with a tutor it is now mandatory to meet with that tutor in person during the appointment hour. Comments made by the tutor will NO LONGER be emailed back to the author unless the author meets with the tutor during the designated appointment hour to discuss tutor comments.
  • Students/Professionals are, as a general rule, limited to a total of ONE scheduled appointment during a calendar week. If a student would like to schedule more than one appointment he/she should contact the GPWC for specific information on how to go about doing so.
  • Appointments can be cancelled up to 12 hours in advance of the beginning of the appointment. Please DO NOT skip your appointment - contact your facilitator if you are unable to make the appointment so the facilitator can plan accordingly. If you do need to cancel your appointment, please do so through email or within the scheduling system. Please DO NOT cancel appointments over the phone.

Our Mission:

The mission of the GPWC is to assist graduate and professional students from all disciplines with all types of written communications from papers and publications that must be written as researchers, to syllabi and assignments students must prepare as teachers.

Note:The GPWC offers very limited proofreading services.

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Contact Us

Smith CUE 414

Because the GPWC is not open on a 9-5 schedule, the most effective way to communicate with the GPWC is through email.

Please do not make or cancel appointments over the phone.


  • Multiple hours throughout the week by appointment.
  • Open Editing Hours: Monday: 11:00-1:00, Tuesday 10:45-12:45 
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