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Revising General Education

University COmmon REquirements (UCORE): Proposal and Supporting Documents (Spring 2011)

The General Education Committee (GEC) has prepared a second proposal to revise general education requirements at WSU, named University COmmon REquirements (UCORE). It was submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee on March 8, 2011. The GEC members request feedback from the WSU community.

Posted online ...
  • Cover letter/memo on UCORE from GEC Chair Tom Tripp and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Mary Wack (addressed to WSU faculty, staff, and students, and including a list of GEC members)

The GEC requests that all WSU faculty, staff, and students review all documents relating to the University COmmon REquirements Proposal, and give feedback using the online forum, or in person to their WSU Faculty Senator.

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