Office of Undergraduate Education

Revising General Education

The University Common Requirements Committee

[formerly called the General Education Committee (GEC)]

Charge and Members

(Updated 11-09)


  • Formulates policy recommendations concerning General Education for submission to the Faculty Senate.

  • Determines general criteria and procedures for soliciting and approving proposals for general education courses and areas of coherence.

  • Reviews recommendations from subcommittees for transmission to the Faculty Senate.

  • Regularly monitors all elements of the General Education program.

Composition and Tenure

  • One faculty member from each College, plus the Libraries and the three urban campuses (in Vancouver, Tri-Cities, and Spokane), all for three-year terms (F)

  • Two undergraduate students nominated by ASWSU for two-year terms (U)

  • WSU Registrar or designee

  • WSU Director of Admissions or designee

  • Director of General Education or designee, who will serve as secretary

  • Director of Center for Advising and Career Development or designee

  • Coordinators of key functions related to General Education, as appropriate (e.g., Writing Program, Learning Communities)

"Re-Envisioning General Education" (a report by the General Education Visioning Committee (approved 12-09)

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