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Revising General Education

General Education Visioning Committee (GEVC) Report (approved fall 2009)

For one year, starting in fall 2008, the General Education Visioning Committee worked to consider new possibilities for structuring general education at WSU in light of current national literature and models, and to conduct an internal review of issues at WSU.

Following approval of its report by the Provost in December 2009, the committee's work was done.

GEVC Report Approved December 2009

In Fall 2008, members of the General Education Visioning Committee began their work.  In August 2009, it provided a 51-page report to WSU Provost and Executive Vice President Warwick Bayly; it was approved in December 2009. 

The GEVC Report  details the current status and fundamental issues and concerns regarding general education.  It identifies four key issues ...

  • an outdated budgeting system
  • a widespread lack of knowledge about the nature, purpose, and structure of the program
  • a fundamental shift in education nationally and internationally to a focus on outcomes
  • the benefits of creating coherent general education pathways that run "vertically" through all years of a student's baccalaureate program rather than "horizontally" in the first two years, thus allowing students to engage in their declared interests earlier.

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