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Revising General Education

Creating a Shared Vision for Revising General Education at WSU

The process to develop a revised general education program at WSU involves a broad discussion of the topic University-wide that will be collaborative and transparent.

University Common Requirements (UCORE) Proposal Approved

The members of the WSU Faculty Senate approved, with minor changes, the University Common Requirements proposal  with a voice vote on April 14, 2011, and on May 6 the WSU Regents were updated on the process.  The University Common Requirements Committee is in the process of setting up working groups within its membership to work on implementing the new curriculum in fall 2012.

Though it has a new name, for now the membership of the committee is the same as when it was known as the General Education Committee (GEC), with representation from every college on campus, plus students.

The University Common Requirements effectively reshapes undergraduate education at WSU and replace general education requirements that have been in place for decades.  The new requirements also feature seven WSU Learning Goals, replacing the Six Learning Goals of the Baccalaureate, also in fall 2012.

The University Common Requirements and the learning goals, as approved, are available online.  A timeline indicates progress toward a fall 2012 curriculum implementation target.

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